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The beehive is a “home” for bees in which a man places bee colonies for easier manipulation. Long ago people had to smother bees in order to reach the honey. The development of beekeeping has brought new findings, so there are now numerous types of beehives. Today beehives are irreplaceable means of beekeeping. If you want to create a home for bees called the beehive by yourself, you will need the following equipment:

Bottom board – a stand made of wood where the beehive is placed. The bottom board should be positioned in such a way that it is always kept off the ground, either by laying it on bricks or on wooden or concrete beams.

Hive body – lies on the bottom board and the frames with the foundation are placed in it. The hive body most often contains 10 frames.

Frames – wooden frames which contain the foundation with a net of regular hexagonal cells. Bees use them for building wax onto them and making the honeycomb.

Queen excluder – used to exclude the queen bee from the honey storage (place where bees store the honey) and brood (place where the queen bee lays eggs)

Honey storage – a place where bees store the honey

Inner cover – is positioned between the hive body and the outer cover

Outer cover – covers the beehive and protects it from wind, snow, rain...

These are the basic parts that the beehive must have. Later there are half-extensions, feeders, laths and lots of other things.


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